Memorial Ash Bracelets

Our cremation bracelets and memorial ash bracelets are available in a variety of styles, including simple and elegant designs or more intricate and decorative options. Each bracelet is made from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time and provide a lasting memorial to your loved ones.

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  • Glass “Kensington” Bracelet • Glass Locket Cremation Bracelet $298.00$1,898.00

    You can view the basic color charts for our glass and resin pieces here: We can use any color inclusions you might want, but these are some of the standard ones we offer. This piece has a solid metal back that can be engraved.

    Note: This piece is made using a glass/resin fusion stone to protect the resin, pigment, and ash mix from getting scratched. Glass does not yellow or degrade over time, like exclusively resin pieces can do. You can wear your piece in water, but we ask that you remove your jewelry when using anything involving chemicals. (Lotions, perfume, cleaning, smoking, chlorine pools/spas, etc.)

  • The “Marlena” Ring • 10x5mm Marquise Solitaire Bypass Cremation Ring for Ashes $368.00$1,098.00

    This particular piece has the ashes permanently solidified in the empty chamber under the main stone. You can choose your stone color and shape from the drop down menu. If you’d like to change any part of this piece, you can do so by requesting a custom order. If ordering a marquise cut, the stone measures 10x5mm. Oval, pear, and emerald cut are 8x6mm. Round, princess, cushion, heart, and hexagon are 7mm.

    Please note: Ashes are most visible in pieces containing any CZ, sapphire, ruby, or emerald color. Moissanite and diamonds are more refractive, and you will not see the ashes from the top of the piece as well.

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