Adjustable Cremation Bracelet

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I would like to start by saying that if you are here, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I sincerely appreciate that you have considered me to help you through this difficult time. I always strive to create a straightforward ordering process, and the highest quality items to make this transition as seamless as possible. Please read thoroughly to ensure the best possible experience with your jewelry order. ❤

?If you are in need of items containing human ashes, please visit my website ( as Etsy -strictly- prohibits the sale of these items. There is no difference in the creation process, if there is an item on Etsy that is not listed on the website, we can add it for you.

We automatically send a collection kit for every order so you can have the peace of mind knowing your ashes are handled with the utmost care. It includes a prepaid envelope to send the ashes back to me, a plastic container, and a brochure that covers all warranty information and more about our creation process. The price of your jewelry includes shipping of the collection kit, the prepaid envelope to send the ashes back, and the shipping of your final product. All orders over $200 are automatically upgraded to FedEx 2 Day shipping. You will not need to pay any additional shipping for any part of this process unless you are based outside of the United States.

You only need to send one teaspoon of ash per 5 items, or whatever you are comfortable sending if you have less. Any remaining ashes will be returned, unless you specifically ask us to scatter them in the ocean. Collection kits will be shipped usually same or next day. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY upon receiving your kit to make any changes your jewelry order. Any notes about sizing or style change on your permission slip inside your collection kit will be not be able to be accommodated as items have already been cast and sized at that time.

After you receive your ash collection kit, finalize your color choice and sign your permission slip. It’s extremely helpful if you provide your phone number so I can call you with any questions. If your item is the kind that has the ashes set under the stone, please write N/A, as it will come as shown in the listing. Please only leave notes for engraving if your item comes with engraving. Any notes for engraving that are not applicable to that item will not be able to be added.

After you receive and fill your collection kit, please check the intake spreadsheet at in about 4-7 days so you know your ashes have arrived safely. The spreadsheet is color coded by status, there is a glossary at the top of the page. You can navigate it more easily by using CTRL+F to search for your name (CMD+F if using a Mac.) We also post shop updates here, or in our facebook group if there will be delays due to family emergency, illness, etc. You can join the facebook group at My turn around time in almost all cases is 2 months from the ash receipt date. If there are unforeseen circumstances, you will be updated via the spreadsheet and facebook group if I cannot readily get an email out to everyone individually. This is the best place to get information quickly, please bookmark it for your convenience. 🙂 You can also always call or text me at 619-559-5171.

These pieces are considered waterproof, but we do not recommend wearing them in chlorine pools, or exposing them to chemicals (particularly cleaning supplies) please remove your jewelry before doing either of these things. We also highly recommend avoiding cigarette smoke if at all possible, as this may yellow your stone. Please also avoid UV nail lights for the same reason.

Please note, because these are bespoke items, we -cannot- issue refunds under any circumstances. However, in the case of any issues with your order, please let me know and I will always do everything in my power to make it right. My number one priority is to make sure you are happy with your jewelry. We will always work on a repair or replacement if necessary.

Color options:

We pride ourselves on having the most color options currently available in the cremation jewelry industry.
You can view the color charts here:
Please visit this link to view customer submitted photos, and past work:

Here is a brief explanation of each of the types of additives we offer:

Glitters and other inclusions:
We have many choices of glitters, opal flakes, gold, silver, and copper leaf, genuine meteorite shavings, lunar moon dust, and more. You can even send in your own inclusions if you already have something you like. Unity sand, soil from a grave site or your home country, feathers, dry petals, etc.

Natural Ash – No tint, enamel is clear and ashes are visible. Ashes vary in color from white, beige, brown, black, or grey. They tend to look slightly darker once the enamel is applied. (As if you had gotten them wet.) The finish for these is completely dependent on the color of the ashes you send and are completely one of a kind. We tend to sift out the smaller particles for our natural ash rings and do not use large pieces of bone. Here is a great video showing all of the variations between different samples of natural ash:

“Stone” Finishes:
We have 9 blends to choose from, these resemble granite or faux ash when they are finished. Great for if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the natural color of the ashes and would like to enhance them while still maintaining the general appearance of natural ash. For use in pieces 4mm or larger.

UV Reactive/Glow in the Dark Colors:
We have 12 colors to choose from if you would like your piece to glow in the dark.

Crushed Glass Blends:
We have 56 glass color blends, some are opaque and some are transparent. We mix 75% glass and 25% ash.

Jelly Opal Colors:
These resemble an opal, with small and large holographic glitter pieces, and have a translucent look. We currently have 10 different jelly opal colors.

Crushed Opal:
We have 78 colors of GIA grade lab created crushed opal.
See video of them here:

Pearl Shimmers:
We have 32 standard colors, and can also custom mix virtually any additional color. Great for color matching to your pet’s fur or feathers. Pieces 6mm and larger can have two colors swirled together for a marble effect. Please send me an example of the color(s) you are looking for so I can match them if choosing something that’s not on the chart.


•Our silver pieces are sterling silver. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Consider choosing another metal if you have a sensitivity to copper. Sterling silver can still turn your finger green if you have acidic skin.
•Our gold pieces are solid gold, not plated. We only carry a small amount of gold stainless steel items, and they are properly labeled as such. Please ask if you would like 10k or 18k gold as opposed to 14k, we can usually accommodate that request for most styles.
•Our platinum pieces are solid platinum. Amazing heirloom pieces that can be passed down for generations. More durable than gold and will never discolor.
•Our stainless pieces are 316L surgical stainless steel. Great for people with any kind of allergies, they are hypoallergenic and completely non tarnish.

If you would like, we can scatter any remaining ash in the Pacific Ocean near San Diego. We take a trip twice a year (New Year’s Day, and some time during the summer) and scatter them at this location:
Please let us know your preference on your tube that will be in your ash collection kit. They will be scattered along with other customer’s ashes, please be aware that they will not be done individually. If no boxes are checked, ashes will automatically be returned.

This process is done completely by me in my home studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ashes will still be brought to San Diego twice yearly for scattering though we have relocated.

*colors may vary slightly per monitor. If you have any questions or need me to text you photos/videos of a color in different lighting before you decide, please let me know. Please make sure you are 100% sure of your color before your piece is made. We can redo the color in most circumstances, prices range from $60 to $80 based on complexity and your item will need to be mailed back. Please contact me for a quote if you need to change your color.

We look forward to serving you!

?All photographs, descriptions, waivers, and custom designs are ©Sugarberry Memorials. We do not authorize use of any digital materials to any third parties for resale of our products. If you are a funeral home, please contact me prior to making a purchase on behalf of a client. Thank you!


366 reviews for Adjustable Cremation Bracelet

  1. Jennifer Barnes

    Was perfect for my necklace.

  2. Taylor

    Absolutely love this necklace. I bought it as a Mother’s Day present and it was just the perfect gift.

  3. Andrea

    Purchased April 26, received June 8. Other than that it is the correct size and turned out very nice.

  4. Kallie Snyder

    Happy repeat customer! Great products, always on point!

  5. Amanda

    Perfect, exactly as described & what I needed. Will definitely be purchasing from this shop again. Thanks so much!

  6. Amanda

    Perfect, exactly as described & what I needed. Will definitely be purchasing from this shop again. Thanks so much!

  7. Amanda

    Perfect, exactly as described & what I needed. Will definitely be purchasing from this shop again. Thanks so much!

  8. Amanda

    Perfect, exactly as described & what I needed. Will definitely be purchasing from this shop again. Thanks so much!

  9. Toni Margerum

    This shop has such amazing items! I love this SVG and can't wait to use it.

  10. Toni Margerum

    Love this! I can't wait to use it.

  11. Toni Margerum

    I am in love with this. Love this shop, great customer service and amazing products!

  12. Toni Margerum

    Beautiful rose! Great shop and awesome customer service!

  13. Toni Margerum

    Beautiful rose! Great shop and awesome customer service!

  14. Toni Margerum

    I think this is my favorite! I can't wait to use this! Awesome shop, will be back

  15. frequentflyher

    With losing my best friend Maggie (Dog), I know I wanted her by my side all the time, I had been looking at ash vial and didn't want a metal one, this one was exactly what I was looking for, added bonus is you can have it engraved around the glass. Thank you so much I get so many compliments and people asking what it was and where did I get it. 🙂

  16. Kaitlyn Jaimin

  17. Jackie Lawson

    Great file! Great customer service. I ordered a necklace too and it was shipped the next business day. Can't wait to get it!

  18. Jackie Lawson

    Great file! Great customer service. I ordered a necklace too and it was shipped the next business day. Can't wait to get it!

  19. Sheri C

    Love this file. Cut perfectly and looks great on a shirt. Seller very responsive.
    I had a question and she went out of her way to answer my (newbie) question.
    Will buy from this shop again. Thanks!

  20. Sheri C

    Adorable file. Just what I was looking for.
    Can't wait to use it for a gift. Great customer service and will purchase from this shop again.

  21. Christy Wilcox

    Love it! Just what I needed for my mid year journal!

  22. Amber Ross

    I couldn’t get a good picture of it. But it turned out beautifully and it fits great!! Thankyou soo much!

  23. Jamie

    Great work, awesome file. Just what I needed.
    Thank you

  24. Kallie Snyder

    Such a cute way to show off my 4 boys’ birthstones. Order was filled and shipped within the quoted timeframe and packaged well.
    Will be back for more!

  25. Lisa Kimbrell

    This is greatest ring I have every had. Such a beautiful memorial for my passed heart dog. I just needed something else that I could hold near and dear to me along side the beautifully amazing necklace I purchased earlier from Kayce!! I love this shop and will continue to have my loved pets memorialize by Sugarberry!!! Just a great company!!!!

  26. Tammy

    Received my purchase today and I love it! Shipping was fast, the quality is amazing, seller was great to deal with. I now have a cool keepsake that represents both of my children. I love it!

  27. Christy Wilcox

    Perfect!! Exactly what I wanted!!

  28. Pau

    It’s a beautiful ring, I guess I was expecting something else from the pictures. It’s smaller than I thought it would be both stone wise and ring size.
    Yet great work!

  29. anne

    Absolutely adore this necklace. I ordered the birthstones of my three children. Perfect gift for myself and plan on ordering more for friends. Shipping was extremely fast and it came in a nice gift box. Thank you!!

  30. Jackie Lawson

    Came very very fast! Very cute and my daughter loves it. Thank you!!!

  31. rob c.

    Beautiful work, exactly as ordered and very durable. Perfect for daily wear, even in the ocean or a hot tub.

  32. Charm Accents

    Super quick shipping of a super beautiful personalized necklace by a super wonderful and considerate seller! Thank you so much!

  33. Molly Lubiejewski

    Shipped on time, beautiful piece!

  34. Sheri C

    Super adorable file. Great communication with seller. Certainly a favorite shop and I will purchase again. And again.

  35. KipPheen

    PERFECT! This cremation heart locket necklace is so beautiful & Kayce has been such an awesome person to work with. The locket is so pretty & the glass front & back are perfect to display your loved one's ashes or with the little opening on the bottom you could put a small amount of your loved one's fur or hair inside as well.
    Shipping was very fast, I received it quickly and I'm truly grateful for that. Also it came in a pretty little gift box.
    This has been an unbearably painful time for me with the loss of my loved one but this beautiful locket has brought me a little comfort & Kayce's help with questions, ordering, etc has made this part of the process a small bit easier as well. Thank you so much Sugarberry Memorials!

  36. Ellen Uttmark

    Absolutely perfect! I’ve been looking for a cute necklace for all my kiddos without being bulky and this totally fits the bill! It’s dainty without being super delicate (the smallest one still yanks on jewelry) and the colors are on point! Shipped fast, packaged beautifully, and arrived a day before the tracking predicted. 10/10 would order again!

  37. Toni Margerum

    Beautiful! The colors in this are amazing, I love it!

  38. Ashley Henriquez

    Great file. Cuts beautifully. Will be back for more.

  39. Ashley Henriquez

    Great file/design. Easy to cut.

  40. Ashley Henriquez

    Love this design!!! Highly recommend

  41. Sheri C

    I received my necklace yesterday and was SO pleased.
    It is stunning. Thank you for the custom order. Great customer service and packaged ready to give to my friend. (I really would love to keep it myself).

  42. jamie hirsch

  43. Kym Aragon

  44. Kym Aragon

  45. Kerin Lee

    Beautiful, great quality, and super fast shipping! I highly recommend this store. Kayce always does an amazing job.

    Thank you for the extra surprises too!

  46. Kerin Lee

    Beautiful, great quality, and super fast shipping! I highly recommend this store. Kayce always does an amazing job.

  47. Kerin Lee

    Beautiful, great quality, and super fast shipping! I highly recommend this store. Kayce always does an amazing job.

  48. Kerin Lee

    Beautiful, great quality, and super fast shipping! I highly recommend this store. Kayce always does an amazing job.

  49. Kerin Lee

    Beautiful, great quality, and super fast shipping! I highly recommend this store. Kayce always does an amazing job.

  50. Faith

    Beautiful necklace, can't wait to give it to my mom when she visits next month. She is going to be so happy! Thank you 😀

  51. Rhianna Baggs

    I love the clarity of the crystals – so pretty! And shipping was incredibly fast. I’m excited to order again!

  52. Rhianna Baggs

    So pretty! I bought one for myself and one for my daughter!

  53. Tracy

    Adorable! Love it to pieces.

  54. Sheri C

    I absolutely love my new necklace. I've received so many compliments!
    When ordering, I forgot to select the color and the seller messaged me right away. Quickly sorted and shipped before expected. Great seller.

  55. Megan Sweet

    I ordered this for my sister, for her birthday. Kayce went above and beyond for me, even adding a birthday card with a special birthday message to my sister! It shipped quickly and arrived right on time! My sister loves her necklace!

  56. meg8121soc

    Very, very little space to put ashes. I wish I would have known this before purchasing. The pendant and engraving are otherwise very nice.

  57. jordannicole119

    Perfect for keeping my cat close to me since she passed.

  58. Jasmine Gomez

  59. Isabella

    Thanks for this! My whole family appreciated it!

  60. Jenna Hutchinson

  61. Caitlin Rose

    I love this more than anything

  62. kpdickinson

    So beautifully made! This locket is perfect to keep my dad's ashes in so I can securely take him places with me to spread. Thank you!

  63. Kasie DeHart

  64. Kasie DeHart

  65. Kasie DeHart

  66. Bethann

    As pictured and it’s beautiful. A perfect way to remember my beautiful boy. Or a it could be a great gift to anyone who lost there fur baby

  67. samira412

  68. Alisa Kenworthy

    Really sweet and small urn charm. However, I would have liked to choose a smaller chain size, and my charm cane damaged with an indent in the metal where the screw is in the bottom. Was a little disappointed about this given how long the shipping time was. Would probably rate this slightly lower if it didn’t allow me to carry my beloved best friend’s (?) ashes in it.

  69. kareebearr

  70. Chantel Trevarton

  71. Shannon Carrozza

  72. Yadira

  73. Alexandria Abel

    I have had to learn the hard way it's not easy losing one of the most important beings in your life. I had to say goodbye to my first baby. I am so thankful to Kayce (and all of sugarberry memorials) for being so kind and considerate with such a tough time in your life. I absolutely love my beautiful creation. I get to have him with me always. ♡

  74. brittany shannon

    Sugarberry Memorials was really easy and pleasant to work with. I bought a necklace for both my daughter and I and the quality is great. Her response time to my emails were quick and helpful. I will keep this shop as a favorite and order again .

  75. Molly Cook

  76. Tamara

    Thank goodness I found this! I love how it's about the size of a quarter & you can see inside of it. Initially, I bought an urn pendant from Amazon, but it was way too small to fill my mom's ashes in. This is the perfect size for me. Due to the ashes being chunky, it was hard to fit them through the funnel & into the pendant; I held it over my mom's ashes bag, used the funnel as a shovel to scoop them into the hole of the pendant & it worked. I got it in gold so it would match my late grandma's ring & the delivery was punctual! I wear it daily.

  77. Dawn Genovese

  78. Julia

    I love this ring. It's very well made, and the shop sent everything I would need in a little kit along with it. I wear it pretty much non stop. I wash my hands a lot on my job and the ring has never irritated my hand or changed funky colors. Overall, it's an amazing product and I've bought another for a family member.

  79. Kristina Batick

    Absolutely beautiful piece. Difficult to close with the tiny screw in the back, but just be prepared to take your time with it. It's perfect to hold the ashes of my brother and the opening was wide enough that the ashes went in pretty easily. Would highly recommend this necklace.

  80. erinschorr11

  81. erinschorr11

  82. Rylee Mercado

    It’s really beautiful and perfect for my precious little little dog. I miss so much. I’m really happy with it.

  83. Deviney Smith

  84. blsc44

    Took a long time to get but it was gorgeous when it arrived !! Love to thank you

  85. Amanda Czerwan

    Thank you so much.

  86. Jane Atwood

    I absolutely love this locket. I bought it to put some of my cousin's ashes inside. I did have to change out the chain because it was too long, but the locket is beautiful. The weight of the locket is not too light or too heavy, it's just perfect. I also had her first initial engraved on the front. I've added several pictures of the locket to this review.

    I'm not a necklace person and mainly bought this to hang from my rear view mirror of my car. This way she is always with me and watching over me when I'm driving.

  87. Steve

    Beautiful. But I Shipping and getting it here was long

  88. Lauren Simmons

  89. Juliana Yesulitis

    Love love love this ring. It means so much to me. Thank you!

  90. Alan Nilsen

    I ordered the 3" Die Cut parrot Stickers. They shipped fast and are top quality. I'm very happy with my purchase.

  91. Carol Hughes

  92. Matthew K

    Love this. Wish there was more lunar dust inside 🙁 but it is beautiful!

  93. Marissa Byrd

    This is near and dear to my heart now and I appreciate this creation so much.

  94. Tera

    Absolutely beautiful necklace. Shipped very quickly

  95. Amanda Joa

    Super cute, we love them

  96. Faith Thomas

    Got here quick and was easy to fill! ❤️

  97. hifly11

    Necklace came out just as expected. The shop went above and beyond and even upgraded me to two day shipping.

  98. Alicia

    Shipped quickly, packed well, just as described/shown. Star is indeed very small, which is just what I was looking for.

  99. Debra Sarr

  100. Alexa Rodrigues

  101. Samantha Kuder

  102. Kristen

    Was looking forward to this more than words can say. And I’m glad I didn’t pay full price. I was excited to open it, only to be disappointed in its appearance, as it does not look at all like portrayed in the listing. I can see into the piece where the opals did not get evenly filled and it just looks cheaply made. It arrived with no instruction how to fill the necklace so we attempted to fill and seal it with the included funnel and super glue. First the funnel is far too small, no ashes could even pass through. Then as we superglue it, it completely ruined the threading on the closure and so the chain will no longer attach to it. This was the ONE AND ONLY thing I had been waiting for to bring closure to my mother’s passing. The necklace is now ruined and who knows if any ashes even made it inside. Not satisfied at all.

  103. Haley Kemper

    This has become one of my most treasured possessions. I lost my little Kia pup in February and love having her ashes close to my heart. I couldn't be more thrilled with this item.

  104. M Moulin

    I ordered this necklace on Wednesday afternoon, was told it would get to be by the following Wednesday which was perfectly fine then to my surprise it showed up on Friday literally less than 48hours after I ordered it!!! I absolutely love it, it looks just like the pictures and is the perfect size, I am very excited to have it filled with a dear friends ashes so she will always be with me. Thank you Sugarberry Memorials for creating a beautiful necklace and shipping it so quick!

  105. dpurraz

  106. Jade Schechter

    Was super easy to assemble. I was glad I was able to fill it myself instead of shipping out my beloved dogs ashes and worry about losing them in the mail. Absolutely loved it.

  107. Danielle Rima

  108. Amanda Bailey

    I love my necklace so much. It turned out so pretty. Shipping was fast and kayce was very friendly and answered all my questions. I will definitely be ordering again in the future.

  109. Caroline Miller

    I wear mine almost daily. It feels sturdy and like I don't have to be constantly worried it's gonna fall off my neck.

  110. Megan

    Adorable magnet! The shipping was super fast. The owner was helpful and responsive.

  111. Jason

    The charm/locket was revived with the face of the locket, where the letter was engraved, had multiple scratches as well as a decent sized blemish on the back half of the heart. Overall,I appreciated the design and the thought that I envisioned with it, so I can live with the other blemishes, which I found unacceptable originally.

  112. Nicole Chapman

    I bought this for my son after the death of his beloved Freyja. The quality is better than I expected and the chain has a very nice sparkle to it. I’ll be giving it to him tomorrow and I’m certain he’ll love it.
    The only thing I would suggest is directions. I was expecting it to come with a tiny funnel but instead it came with super glue so I’m a bit confused.

  113. Sarah Diesel

    Love the quality! Shipping was quick. Can’t wait to fill it with my baby’s ashes. Thank you.

  114. Misty Mitchell

    Cute little ring but disappointed in the sizing. It runs large, so keeps falling off my finger. :/

  115. Jennifer Rojohn

  116. heatherjoy390

  117. Mandi Allgood

  118. Ruth Boetel

    I am very satisfied with this heart! It Came with the little funnel and pin to help fill with my sons ash. Love it!

  119. Heidi Meyer

    Love the heart charms I got. They are for a family charm bracelet.

  120. Heather

  121. Tiffany Zinn

    This store is absolutely amazing!! The product care beyond perfect and beyond my expectations. She was also very responsive and helped me with a shipping issue. I would highly recommend buying from them!!

  122. Melinda Mason

    Love love it , I haven’t taken it off ! My best friend my Great Dane passed away , so now he is with me always thank you so so much

  123. Heidi Meyer

  124. Donna Bowen

    I love my cremation ring. It is just what I wanted. It shipped.on time. Kayce is wonderful she answered my guestions by text. I would give they a five star rating
    Thank You Kayce and etsy

  125. mlaraux

    Very nice locket. It was packed in a pretty box and they even included a little tube of super glue. Received it very quickly too. Great seller will definitely order from them again 🙂

  126. Nancy Webster

  127. lindaesque224

    I thought it would be a little bigger, but it still very pretty

  128. Rio Mock

    This necklace is exactly what I was looking for. I filled it with dried flowers from when my husband and I were dating. I can’t believe how fast it got here. Communication was quick and very helpful. I’ll definitely be back!

  129. Dianna Velasquez

  130. mary beth dawson

    Excellent transaction, lovely piece. Seller was communicative and shipping was quick!

  131. Shelby

    Shipped quickly and gorgeous when it got here. Simple but perfect. Thank you so much! 🙂

  132. Alejandra Sanchez

    I recently had to put my oldest dog down. She kept us happy for 11 years. I bought this necklace and put some of her hair that I had saved in it and I wear it everyday to keep her close to be. I recently purchased one for each of my sisters as well.

  133. Brittany Williams

    I absolutely love this. Able to keep my grandma with me wherever I go without it looking to obvious. I have received so many compliments about it as well. I added her initial and birthstone as well ?

  134. Andrew

  135. rachel burns

  136. Misty Mitchell

    Cute little ring; this one fits great. My only complaint would be that the monogram was engraved too low so part of the letter is off of the bottom of the heart. I wanted it for the shape more than the monogram so it's worth keeping.

  137. Kelsey Galmore

  138. Sue

    Thank you for the Special gift

  139. Joe Chance

    Excellent condition, service, and fast shipping: *****

  140. Alexa W.

    Beautiful ring! A perfect keepsake for the memory of my kitty. Well made, very quick shipping, and extremely responsive to issues with USPS. Thank you!

  141. Edna Kniskern

    The bracelet was very lovely, workmanship was perfect. The shop was attentive to my needs.
    Thank you

  142. Angie Tyner

  143. Emperatriz Barreto

    the bracelet itself was very cute and good material however the wait time was way longer then expected and what showed on the day of purchase, it took about a month and a half to receive. Overall id say its cute!

  144. Tina Mina

    Nice piece. I was able to put the ashes of a relative easily into this container. Thank you. Excellent service.

  145. Tara Gomez

    So dainty and beautiful. I bought this to honor my cat Rosco who just passed away last week. This order came in much quicker than I expected. Thank you for this beautiful piece, I love it.

  146. Jaci Tebben

    Just lovely and exactly as described.

  147. Alyssa Alda

    Absolutely perfect.

  148. raalonz09

  149. Fiona Sim

    Second order from this lovely shop. Never disappoints 🙂

  150. Miguel Pacheco

    Very fast delivery and very nice made will buy again.

  151. Richele Ybarra

    Perfect to keep my Lucky’s fur in whenever I find it around the house. Thank you!

  152. Ash G

    It's a really beautiful tribute to your loved one.

  153. Donna Marker


    It's a little heavier than expected, but still beautiful.

  155. Hannah Roper

    My order was set to ship by 10/3. On that day, I contacted the seller to see if it was still scheduled to ship that day. No response. I tried again on 10/4 and received and automated message stating that she had been sick and all overdue orders would be shipped out on 10/7. Asked for an update on 10/7 and 10/8, no response. On 10/9, I finally decided to text her personal phone number and finally received a response stating that she was sick and that she could finish my order that night for shipping the next day. 10/11 and still not shipped, she says she is finishing it up and I will have tracking within the hour. 10/12 still nothing. Finally received on 10/18… don't give empty promises that you cannot follow through with. This was a gift for my mom, and it was extremely late.

  156. Megan Dier

    Kayce is wonderful to work with. I've bought 2 pieces and love and treasure them both!

  157. Kimberly

    I love my new Lockett! It is so beautiful!

  158. Alicia Atchison

    My original package got lost in the mail. I contacted the seller and she was very professional with handling the matter and sent out a new product in a matter of days. Great communication and customer service from this seller and shop. The product I received was exactly as described and is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  159. Angel Blackston

  160. Aaren Dean

    Shipping was fast. Didn't come with any instructions (you'd think it would be simple enough, but it proved to be more difficult than initially thought) but cute, quality product.

  161. Meghann Sullivan

    Perfect keepsake for my daughter. Thank you so much for your excellent service.

  162. fitwoodsrx

    So gorgeous! Love it!!!! I was happy it arrived a lot quicker than I expected too. I have sensitive skin also and this ring has not given me any issues. I love the letting and the daintiness of it. So shiny too! Perfect!

  163. stillbiancam

  164. catlady85

    Beautiful thank you, have my brothers ashes inside the heart

  165. Heidi Meyer

    Love my family tree bracelet. Thank you so much.

  166. NaomiNocturnElle

    Did the DIY kit and had a really cathartic release doing it myself. I love that Kayce offers this and was super helpful with the process. Highly recommend this kit if you’re interested in doing your own memorial jewellery!

  167. Amy white

  168. Kim Guidry

    Shipping was the norm. The item was rather cheap for the price I paid.

  169. Kim Guidry

    This item was unglued when it arrived. Cheap quality. Beware.

  170. milk531

    Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The photo shows dark, prominent letters. The actual product shows engraving that matches the color of the sterling silver which makes it difficult to see. As a result, the name, which is the primary feature, is a challenge to discern.

  171. Lauren Gill

  172. Danielle Mann

    Can’t even put into words how perfect and beautiful this ring is

  173. Juliana Yesulitis

  174. Leah Webb

    She did a great job on the necklaces! Also kept great communication and was spot on with expected time line. It really was a pleasure working with her.

  175. Faith Thomas

  176. Christine Vander Meide

    For over two years I’ve been trying to find something delicate enough to wear for my moms ashes. I didn’t want some big thing that everyone “knew” was holding anything. All my life she has called me Rosebud. This immediately struck me. Thank you so much.

  177. stephany lopez

    this was honestly so worth the wait, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  178. samitessler

    I love it so much.

  179. Haley

    love love love my ring!! couldn’t think of anything more perfect to remember my angel baby??????

  180. jennifer levy

    Came in a really nice little decorative box. The little tool kit and glue were really nice too. Great packaging. Thank you so much.

  181. Citlali Vasquez-Ramos

  182. Thomas

    Having my Furry Son close means SOOOOO much Having Kayce be the the one to do this was just right ❤️❤️❤️

  183. ChouGirl

    Really like this necklace a lot. It is pretty and discreet. It arrived quickly too. The Seller is so very nice and accommodated my additional custom charm item requests too. A very nice experience.

  184. RRT

  185. Brenda Mormile

  186. Jil Sloan

  187. imnole4ever

    Pretty necklace, nice work. Thanks

  188. Ashley

  189. Shaylee Erdelbrock

  190. ES Creations

    You guys my order came!!!!
    I ordered 3 engraved spoons and they are prefect???
    The response time and delivery time were quick and encouraged me to place more orders through this shop in the future!

  191. Erin Kulishek

  192. Tynecia Dotson

    Very beautiful piece but the heart comes off very easily. I only wore it about 5 times including out the other night I looked down and the heart was gone I was so glad that it was found but it got scratched pretty badly so now I have to find something more secure.

  193. Miguel Pacheco

  194. Miguel Pacheco

  195. Allen Lassiter

    The quality and design are amazing! It was also shipped in a timely manner!

  196. Brenda

  197. pantomimedame

    Very communicative here and on Instagram, very accommodating. Thank you!

  198. jzjohanna5

  199. Robin Larkin

    arrived super quick, beautiful piece of jewelry. Thank you

  200. Tina Mina

    Just as nice as the silver one. Fantastic product. Recieved it quickly. Thank you for a quality product.

  201. ChouGirl

    Very sweet. Love it. Thank you.

  202. elena underhill

    Perfect. Thank you! You're amazing and I love my bracelet.

  203. Vicki Duncan

    Cute little ring! Get lots of compliments!

  204. Jamie Davis

    I loved working with kayce! She was always available or very quick to respond. The ring was shipped ahead of time. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!! Thx so much!!

  205. audra mayhew

    I can’t give a good enough review. The bracelet I ordered is perfect. Not only that, but Kayce sent me another bracelet for free. Both came clean and smudge free so don’t mind my finger prints on them in the photo. Great quality and an amazing person. I will be ordering again in the future.

  206. rkeefer1823

  207. sunny423

    Exactly what I was looking for to start 2020 off on the right note.

  208. Rescuegal2

  209. Joelle Nic

    Cute to keep a small amount of ash, hard to get in

  210. Emily Smith

  211. Emily Smith

  212. Emily Smith

    I bought 4 of these as Christmas gifts. I love how they turned out & they were so agforda. Also, they shipped super fast!

  213. Emily Smith

  214. Talia


  215. Chloe McCance

    This necklace is asbolutely beautiful- I switched the chain it came with to a chain I already owned (in photo) but the pendant itself is perfect! It feels like great quality that will last a long time, which is perfect as an urn necklace. It has a good amount of weight to it, and despite having room for ashes, it's very pretty and not bulky at all. The seller responded to my questions very quickly and shipping was also very fast! I couldn't be happier with this.

  216. jmrivest0781

    As always Kayce delivers a quality product that is well worth the wait. This means so much to me as it is a special saying between me and my 5 yo twin girls ❤️

  217. Corinne Chan

  218. Caylee Roney

    it's stunning !! tysm


  220. Kelsey

    Very pretty and goes with the rest of my jewelry

  221. Juli Williams

    Great communication, prompt shipping and beautiful work! This was a gift for my daughter in law and she loved it.

  222. Jennifer McAlister

    great quality and quick shipment!

  223. Rebecca Lush

    I received the ring yesterday and the quality is amazing. I am so excited to gift this to a friend who is soon getting married. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and memorable piece of jewellery.

  224. littlepatti2004

  225. Caylee Roney

  226. wendipa

  227. Lime2110

    Wife loved it and she wears it almost every day to remember our grandmother. Thank you!

  228. Joanne kahl

    First of all, with the holidays, I knew it would be late. It shipped out a day later than it said, BUT it got here the next day. From California to Connecticut. Amazing delivery time. Packaging was perfect to keep the item safe upon arrival. The item itself…well, all I can say is…OMG! This piece came out superb. The sketching was perfect and straight in a wonderfully light font. Holding this in my hand and seeing it on my partners neck really brings the beauty of it to a different level. The pictures do not do this item justice. It’s so much better in person. Flawless. Especially for something hand made that is an item so personable to people. This was something I bought my partner for the loss of our beloved dog in November. It’s the perfect keepsake, the perfect size…not too bulky or awkward. Would buy again for sure.

  229. Faith Thomas

  230. Faith Thomas

  231. Amy

    Absolutely beautiful. It arrived super fast, the price was great, the piece itself was beautiful and easy to assemble. She included the funnel, glue, and tools needed to fill the piece at home yourself. This is one of my favorite things, I wear it all the time.

  232. Rachael Fischer

    This ring is beautiful. It came with everything I needed to fill it with my fiancé’s ashes. I feel so much comfort having him here with me always. I didn’t want any engraving done and the seller was very accommodating and responded quickly. I highly recommend. Thank you!

  233. Emily Lux

    Communication with seller was great. Item is beautiful and allows me to have a bit of my sweet pup with me all the time.

  234. mykidsmom83

    Absolutely beautiful, the perfect way to memorialize my dear friend.

  235. Esmeralda Caltenco

    Just received the necklace today and it's so beautiful! The chain is long enough to wear if you decide to. I love it! ?

  236. Misty Mitchell

    Sweet little ring!

  237. Misty Mitchell

    Pretty! Packed well and shipped quickly.

  238. Samantha Rake

  239. Jessica Locke

  240. Megan Grace

  241. jjpolistico

    I ❤️❤️❤️ my ring. I miss my pup everyday and this made my week! Thank you!

  242. Melissa Balsiger

  243. kelliborchardt

  244. Nikki Peden

    This is such a beautiful necklace and I'm glad I decided to purchase it. I, too, switched the chain to a shorter, more delicate one. It holds a very tiny amount of ashes but is easy to fill. It fills from the back and the seller includes everything you need, including a small tube of superglue.

  245. ebeaver0909

  246. Melody Shreve

    The necklace is so beautiful! I love the way it looks and it is nice done! Thank you! ^-^

  247. Polytocous

    Extremely fast shipping! Packaged well and looks beautiful. Thank you so much!

  248. Danielle Maloney

    Very beautiful . Pictures don’t do it justice .

  249. Ashley D

  250. Cailee Antu

  251. Sam Calvert

  252. Sarah

    Beautiful! Well worth the wait

  253. Ashley Kanzler

  254. Stephanie Coupland

  255. Stephanie Coupland

  256. Stephanie Coupland

  257. Stephanie Coupland

  258. Stephanie Coupland

  259. Stephanie Coupland

  260. Casey Bradley

    Loving this necklace. It was very simple to fill.

  261. Nancy Ramirez Currey

  262. shadowboo

    This moon urn pendant with moonstone and wing is beautiful. Shipping was quick and communication was excellent. I definitely recommend this shop and would certainly buy again from SugarberryMemorials!


    I love love love this pendant. It was really hard to get the ashes inside but it is sealed now and knowing that I can wear them all the time is wonderful.

  264. Kristen Nabozny

    Beautiful necklace. Also very impressed with the the communication…seller was incredibly responsive, by far the best communication I’ve had with an Etsy shop. The necklace was worth the wait, it’s absolutely perfect and the quality is wonderful. I’m sure there are many who are brought to tears, as I was, transferring their ashes; this piece is a lovely way to keep them close. ?

  265. Taya Wilkerson

    I absolutely love my ring . It’s beautiful

  266. Deanna

  267. audra mayhew

  268. Terri Taylor

    I cant explain what it means to be able to take my mom with me everywhere I go. This necklace is so beautiful. Hard to fill, but with patience it's worth the time. Super quick shipping too. Thank you so much for making things like this for people like us who want to always have them with us.

  269. Diana Gonzalez

    This is beyond beautiful!!! It brought so much joy and tears to my eyes upon receiving it today! The seller is AMAZING and accommodating if you reach out to talk to her. I literally want to cry tears of joy because I will be able to hold closely with me ashes of my best friend who passed away recently. The pendant is beautiful, lightweight and just perfect!

  270. audra mayhew

  271. Stephanie P

    Absolutely beautiful, I love it so much! Seems very sturdy and of good quality, which is very important with this type of jewelry. Shop owner was very patient with all my questions and responded quickly. Thank you SO much ❤️

  272. ashleigheakers

    Very pretty, good quality, good prices

  273. court s

  274. Paige Singer

    This is my second ring from this shop and I'm even more in love with it than my first! Kacey is always very responsive and great to work with.

  275. Bridget Carlson

  276. emunoz36

  277. emunoz36

  278. Alexis

    The necklace turned out so good. This seller has great communication and is customer friendly!

  279. Alysia

  280. Kereliz

  281. Kereliz

  282. Ken

    I bought this for my wife's remains it was very nice a little hard to get the bigger ashes in it but is doable. I ended up giving it to my mother in law and she loves it.

  283. Blair Kelley

  284. Carmela Stuver

    Beautiful piece and arrived very quickly! Thank you for helping me to keep my baby boy with me at all times ❤️

  285. PeachyPieces

    Thank you, Kayce!

  286. Becky

    Thank you for another beautiful piece!

  287. Alexander, Bindu

  288. grellefambam

  289. andrea rourke

    Beautiful, and has a nice weight to it and seems very sturdy. There's not a ton of room for ashes in there (not like a literal mini urn necklace) but as my dad's ashes will be put into quite a few pieces of jewelry, I don't mind. I also don't feel the need to have a ton, just a little bit is enough for me. I'll wear this piece every day! <3

  290. SarahBlake

    This piece is absolutely lovely. Like other sellers, I shortened the chain a bit. Mine didn’t come with any superglue or anything but I had no issues putting the ashes into the pendant. I love this necklace so much and it definitely seems like good quality

  291. amyjensen42990

  292. Audra Smith

    This is exactly what I pictured when I wanted a piece of jewelry to memorialize my dog. Every step of the way, I felt like they cared about me and my loss personally. Amazing service and amazing quality!

  293. annapfeiffer4492

  294. Sara Zepeda

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace!!! My baby passed away on the 29th and it has been so hard without her…
    My favorite thing about this necklace is the length; it sits right on my heart ??
    The rose gold is absolutely gorgeous, and I was worried it would be an awkward size (too big or too small) to wear all the time, but it is absolutely perfect. I get to have my baby girl with me always, thank you so much for this. It’s helping me cope with the loss of my best friend.

  295. Bridget Talavera

  296. katefbaughman

    Absolutely stunning, photo does not even do it justice!

  297. Esmeralda Caltenco

    I love this necklace as much as the last one I bought but with my other dogs name (Gypsy). Beautifully made! ♡

  298. Angela Kitts

    I had to contact the shop owner to update my current shipping address because I forgot to update it. She was super prompt and shipped the item the same day! The item came beautifully packaged. I truly hope that this necklace will give the recipient a tiny bit of comfort. Definitely will purchase from this shop again ?

  299. Shalane Farrell

    Loved the moon. Next time I will have them put the ashes in. I struggled with it.

  300. Stephanie McGary

    Doesn’t hold much at all, but bought this for my daughter for her uncles ashes and she loved it. So that’s all that matters to me.

  301. LaToya

  302. Gabriele Willis

  303. Anna

  304. Rachel Almason

  305. ntbarkley

  306. Lindsey White

    This ring was perfect for my mom ashes. My niece loved it but it took forever which is understandable because on her website it she did inform me. Thank you for that. I’m leaving 4 stars not because of that but, because when I received ring on each side of the heart the metal was ruff And bumpy. Other than that the ring and engraving was perfect. Thanks

  307. Anna

  308. Ellie Walker

  309. Danielle Caruso

    SO SO pretty!! Love it! So sturdy and great quality. Thank you so so much!

  310. Megan Dier

  311. Shaune Ralph

    The pendant is lovely. The chain is an appropriate size and style. I thought the reservoir would hold more than a few flakes, but the symbolism remains.

  312. Kallie Snyder

    I ordered this as a gift and my Aunt loved it!!

  313. Ammie Lin

    I ordered the sterling silver heart ring, size 4, on April 24 and the package arrived on May 12 (I live in NJ). It fits perfectly and it looks just as shown in photos.

  314. jadagirl1120

  315. Erica

    I got what I was looking very beautiful work and fast service

  316. Bremusa13

    Thanks for quick shipment. Great look.

  317. Deanna Marie

    the necklace, the included fill kit, the crazy fast shipping, the price…everything exactly right and more than i could ask for. thank you sugarberry memorials for making it possible for me to carry my baby boy close to my heart in such a beautiful piece of urn jewelry!

  318. Jackie Taloa

    I bought these for my boys after we lost our baby girl and they are perfect to carry her ashes around their necks. Good quality and came in a timely manner. Thank you!

  319. Caitlin Stewart

    It took a while to come in (due to pandemic I'm sure) but it definitely made my day getting it. Packaging is beautiful, isn't too big or small, looks fantastic

  320. CeCe Blue

    I ordered this the day I knew I would have to put my dog down. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting, but that’s my fault for not reading the description in full. However, I absolutely love it and so do both of my preschool age daughters. I am going to have to buy another smaller one for them because they want to wear mine all the time!

    The perfect item to keep my beloved best friend (dog) close to my heart always!

  321. Beth Keehn

    Beautiful necklace and came quickly. Absolutely perfect for my mother in law who just lost a child.

  322. Desiree Carter-Peterwson

  323. Rebecca

    Love the ring. Shipping took a bit longer but not unexpected with a pandemic happening.

  324. Lila

    Perfect, exactly what I wanted! Just the right size, not bulky and ashes fill from the back. My Grandaughter will be very pleased and surprised. Thankyou!!

  325. Megan

  326. Lindsey Jackson

    We got this with e cursive E engraved for our toddler to hold her little sisters ashes. It is absolutely perfect and was 100% worth the wait during the crazy pandemic shipping crisis.

  327. Jennifer Stewart

    Love it. Its very pretty and long like I like my necklaces.

  328. Michelle Ramirez

    Fast shipping and suck a beautiful necklace.

  329. Britney Hope

    Beautiful more than I even expected

  330. Melanie Rosenzweig

    She got them to me very quickly thank you so

  331. Shannon Drake

    Cute and dainty, just as I hoped.

  332. Orokana Angel

    I love it!

  333. Morgan

    The star is super dainty and such a nice size— so was very pleasantly surprised considering that it is meant to hold ashes. My only issue is that the chain is a bit long, and I wish there was a way to make it shorter without getting a whole new chain. But that’s really not a big issue!

  334. Kimberly

    Elegant, sentimental, unique. But it's glass…

    I dropped the pendant before I ever had a chance to wear it, and it broke. 1,000% my fault, just a warning for others to be careful.

  335. Felicia Neptune

  336. Meaghan Radd

  337. Kayla Nicole

    Very well made

  338. Alyssa Gomez

    this is my second one and i love them so much!!

  339. Megan Hoot

  340. Jacqueline Brosnihan

    Wonderful stickers. Quick shipment thank you

  341. Peter P

  342. jes

    beautiful and has some weight to it, better than i could have imagined.

  343. sunsetpoet

  344. Maiko Iida

    Thank you ? both necklaces arrived well packaged. My brother in laws favorite color was bright green.. my girls will able to have a little part of their uncle always. Thank you so much!

  345. grellefambam

  346. Sierra Leonard

  347. tamlyn3164

    I purchased this necklace for my daughter to hold her grandfather's ashes. She wanted something different and more unique to her style and this was perfect. It's exactly what she wanted. It arrived quickly and is beautiful. Thank you!

  348. Janet

    Necklace came very quick and it just what I wanted.

  349. Anastacia Parsons

    I am so in love with my ring! It’s become a new favorite!

  350. Kristen Quinn

    Shipped super fast! Packaged beautifully, perfect size. Now i can have my baby near my heart every day

  351. Emmanuel

    Wife loved it ?

  352. Elva Davila

  353. Elva Davila

  354. jordansghost98

    This is perfect. This is something I never wish I had to order and this experience made it so easy for me. The item is beautiful, it’s nicely made and comes with a little kit on the side to fill it and glue it afterward. The shop owner responded to me quickly when I needed help with my order, it shipped so fast, it was a great experience. Truly glad I ordered this item

  355. Rebekah Thomas

    Its absolutely beautiful. It was shipped to me super quick and I'm in love with it. It came in the prettiest box. Couldn't love it more than I do.

  356. melanie

  357. Melanie Jacobs

    Very nice work, good communication with seller.

  358. ssmokahontass

    Absolutely wonderful product. Exactly what I was looking for and I love it so much. Chain was too long for me so I put it on one I had already. Super easy to fill with the awesome kit it included. Will definitely purchase from this store again!

  359. Julia Wiggins

    beautiful necklace! it was delivered quickly, thank you

  360. Tabatha Calhoon

    Beautiful! I am a repeat customer and will continue to be!

  361. Tabatha Calhoon

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great seller!

  362. Rachel Subach

    Perfect!!!!! Just as described! Shipped quickly!

  363. Adriane Pickett

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks!

  364. Adriane Pickett

  365. Adriane Pickett

  366. Alogism

    So glad I went with the larger orb. Thanks again.

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